jeudi 26 juin 2008

Ce soir je suis dans le JURY de la Orange Island Photo Week.

Orange Island Photo Week

Starting next Monday, Orange Island will become home to everything photographic, as Photo Week kicks off, for a 5-day celebration of Second Life photography - and photographers. On the occasion of Second Life’s 5th anniversary, we will be taking a trip down Memory Lane, with an exhibition dedicated to the many changes our world - and its residents - have undergone over the years.
Many artists will be exhibiting their work on Orange Island, also sharing their knowledge, tips and experience during classes, workshops and discussions centered on one of Second Life’s most vivid artform.
We’d like to thanks our many - and distinguished - guests and speakers for joining us in celebrating inspiration.Friday June 27th:11:00 am: Comic Strip Showdown, hosted by Nick Rhodes (Lower Plaza Auditorium)
12:00 pm: Orange Island & Koinup Photo Contest Awards (Lower Plaza Auditorium)

Jury: Margherita Bertolucci, Marco Manray, Vint FalkenHosted by Natty Foggarty (Orange Island) and Edo Jay (Koinup)
12:30 pm: Strike a pose! How can Photo Week not end with a photo? Join us for a (record-breaking?) family picture that’ll make history.
Stay tuned for detailed news… and remember, you still have until Monday June 23rd to join the Orange Island / Koinup photo contest, ‘
One second of reality‘.

Winners will be announced on Friday June 27th at 12:00 pm.
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